10 small but big things I wish I had known before going to INDONESIA:

  1. Seminyak is where everyone goes, got tons of restaurants and bars on the beach. (the locals are very likely to give you absurd directions to the beach)
  2. Sign up for a surfing class in South Kuta
  3. Do NOT GO TO THE ROCK BAR – it’s over hyped and honestly the sunset is just as beautiful while you sit on the beach. (plus that’s free and you don’t have to wait in ridiculous lines) (but if you really do want to go to ROCK Bar, I suggest you don’t wait in the 30- 60 minute line for the cable car, ask for the steps and walk down instead)
  4. GO TO GILI TRAWANGAN (do not hesitate). There are several tourist booths all over Bali, book a trip with them (I was very skeptical, but it turned out fine) (I paid 450,000 rupiah – said I was a student and bargained really hard). And learn deep sea diving with Ryan at Pesona Resort.
  5. The temples in Ubud are usually closed to tourists (except during full moon – is what I was told), you can only see them from outside.
  6. Every Friday some Ubud temples have kecak dances performances, you can buy a ticket that same day or evening (its quite fascinating)
  7. Go to warung eny restaurant at seminyak and try the noodle soup
  8. Learn to ride a bike before you go to Bali. It’s much easier to get around.
  9. Do not sit on the top of the boat to GIli with expensive equipment or your passport (there’s a huge chance you will get drenched)
  10. GO! But trust me you will not want to come back, it’s a lot like quicksand, it pulls you in and makes you want to stay.

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