why take that sabbatical?

I started my career in advertising right out of college. And like most others, it sucked me right in. The late hours, the advertising groups, the events! It became my world, a world I was very fascinated with and completely content in. Until one day I literally stumbled upon an interesting website, that happened to be the website of Miami Ad School. And again I was hooked. The idea grew on me faster than I could shake it off. I began applying. Wrote all my essays, did the thousand projects they needed. And just like that, I was opening an envelope with my name on it and my acceptance letter in it! But life had other plans, actually my parents had other plans. After all of this they decided, this was the right time to tell me they thought it was a bad idea. They didn’t want to spend that kind of money on a 2-year course. Shit! I had already quit my job! And was half way to Miami in my head. So after a lot of crying I decided to look for a 1-year course and before anyone could raise any other issues I was on my way to chicago portfolio school! It turned out to be one of the best years of my life. I learnt to drink beer, take care of myself, make chicken biryani, to be an ideator not just a writer, do stand up comedy. And I also learnt that saying goodbye to such an amazing city and great friends was super hard. But before I could even get over my jet lag I found myself getting ready to go to office! And I was back to the grind. It was a fun grind. But like any other grind you get stuck in it. After 3 years of enjoying it, I started getting nauseous. I needed to get out, to do more with my life, to actually start doing the things I always though I would do someday! Because if I didn’t now, why would I do them later? So after a hard conversation with my boss and mentor I was on my way to actually living the life I imagined. I was on a 6 month sabbatical. With no plans. But that’s the best part. When you open yourself up so completely to new opportunities and experiences, you don’t have to go looking for them, because very often they find you first! I said YES to almost everything that came my way. 10 day vipassana, kite surfing, sleeping on the beach, sleeping in the car, organic farming in Cotswold, backpacking through Europe, living with villagers in Maharasthra, spending more money than I wanted to in Woodstock, flying trapeze classes in Brooklyn, Dutch mass in Amsterdam, trekking in Cinque Terre. After 6 months of saying yes. I realized something had changed in me. I couldn’t go back to the old me or the old job. So I quit. Again with no plans. And suddenly on a lazy, Chicago afternoon. I realized what I was doing right then: being on Sabbatical – made me happy. So why wouldn’t it make others happy? Maybe I could help others find that happiness? Push them to take that trip they always talk about. Show them that’s its not as difficult as it seems. All you need to do is jump! And after another 6 months of back and forth (and some more travelling) I did it! I registered, created and launched my own brand: Sabbatical! Sabbatical is a state of mind. Sabbatical is a style of travel. Sabbatical is a holiday from holidays. And Sabbatical is also the push people need. An innovative travel and experience service, Sabbatical curates and offers a handpicked collection of unique, inspiring sabbaticals across India, that range from 5 days to 6 months. All the Sabbatical experiences are specifically selected to engage mind, body and soul and encourage travellers to take the road less travelled. These Sabbaticals are designed to take people to places outside their comfort zone, teach life lessons and make people grow into the person they want to be. P.S. These are not holidays or sightseeing packages. No, they are not about being comfortable and relaxed. Yes, there will be really hard bits. But it will be worth it. Promise!