I left my heart in strange places

My feet were itching, my heart was aching, and my mental clock was ticking.

It was almost time! Time to get out of the city with my backpack on my back and my feet pointing way south.

It was Tamil Nadu time. It was kite surfing time.

I didn’t know what it was about the south, but every few months I always find myself right there with the biggest smile on my face.

Maybe it was the first real trip of my Sabbatical, the first taste of the life I had always wanted to live.

Where it wasn’t what people thought that determined our plans, but the wind and our own bloody damn hearts.

Moving from place to place, with no real plans, going where our feet take us, staying there as long as we feel like.

And then moving on.

Learning new things, getting over old fears, meeting interesting people, sharing a part of your soul with them, taking a chance, letting it work out, letting it not work out.

And moving on.

Letting other people be in charge, learning to listen instead of talk, actually enjoying it. Hating it. Seeing the good and bad side to it.

And moving on.

Being excited to learn kiting. Being super afraid to get hooked on to the big kite. Getting dragged. Losing things, including my original skin colour. Slowly understanding it, trying harder, falling some more, but definitely making progress.

And moving on.

Trying to make one song the trip song. Failing, Trying harder and succeeding. Trying to fit in to a group, being super unsure of myself but sticking to the original version of me. Slowly fitting in. Warming up to people I didn’t like in the beginning. Making memories. Inventing games. Saying goodbye to them.

And moving on.

Watching sunsets, counting shooting stars, waiting for sunrises, watching the sunset from my airplane window while saying goodbye to the south.

And again moving on.

Moving on.
Moving on.
Every time.

But leaving a piece of me behind every time too.

How can a trip make me feel so much?

Is it the sport, is it the place, is it the people, is it the moments?

I’m not sure.

But I’m sure of one thing. I have left so many pieces of my heart in these strange places. I have to keep going back. Hoping someday I’ll get it back.

Just to lose it to another place again.