The problem

We are born into homes, where even before we are born our names are decided. We enter the world screaming, kicking, trying to find our way out, but have no option but to take the way the doctor wants us to, with our mothers pushing us to subdue.

We cry when we want to, we sleep when we want to, we even poop where and when we want to. But for how long? How long before we are trained, before we join the civilized race of humans. Well behaved humans.

Where “the correct” behaviour is rewarded and the other kind never left open to discover.

We go to schools that make our parents proud and our individuality shrink.

Our teachers prepare us to fit into society, to do the right things.

We get stars for good behaviour, we look up to the cool kids and strive everyday to be more like them.

We go to college, give it all another shot. Or do we?

We try instead to fulfill the desires we couldn’t in school. if we were the loser, we see college as an opportunity to be cooler. And get so unknowingly inducted into the next stage of social life. New friends, new ways to socialize and the hope of finding love.

We question what love is. But never question what love should be. That we know! All the movies we watched and stories we heard have taught us well.

We get into relationships, believing its true love and pretty soon after, get out of them, with a broken heart at one end and sometimes at both.

5 years of college later, we are ready to be real adults, like the ones who’ve always been telling us what the right thing to do is. Promising ourselves we’ll do it a little different.

But so easily, we fall into the same pattern they did. It’s so easy to. The path is smoother, with the right directions on every fork, with it’s share of ups and downs too, but only the familiar ones.

We get jobs, then we get better jobs. And before we know it we are exactly what we thought we would never be.

Earning money for a life we may never have the courage or time to live, looking for someone who fits into this life we’ve created with ease, who wants similar things and doesn’t pop this bubble we’ve been creating our whole life.

And sadly, most people find that someone.

But some are lucky enough to have their hearts broken, the bubble bursted, their life plans questioned.

They are the one’s who have to start again. From scratch.

And that is when magic can happen.

It’s like being woken from years of sleep walking.

You start questioning where you’re going, why you’re going.

And then try to answer the most important question. Where do you really want to go, how do you want to feel, what do you want to do?

You may never find the right answers to the questions, but you’ll know the wrong ones. And slowly get familiar with the righter ones. Occasionally you will glance back, wonder if you did the right thing, be sad about the things that didn’t work out. But the moments you spend looking ahead, putting one foot in front of the other and believing in the journey, will make it worth it.

But it comes at a cost, the cost of not living the ‘ideal life’. Society will frown upon you. Then question you and then finally decide oh “she’s a rebel”

Not the kind of rebel who runs around screaming in the streets, but just the kind who decides to choose what life should be for her.To not marry because it’s the right age to. To not stick at the right job. To find her own path, fall a lot, but walk happily.

To be more in love with her life than is allowed.